Nigel Massey

About Nigel Massey

A graduate of the Royal Academy Schools, my work has been shown in public and commercial institutions including Oriel Mostyn and APT Creekside gallery. Prizes include RA Schools Turner Gold Medal, Crash Open winner (Charlie Dutton Gallery) and Space Studio Award.

Based in South London, I bring together fabricated works made in collaboration with their respective trades. Previous professional experience as a bronze caster has made me mindful of the dangers of high production-value manufacture and of the Medusa-like affect this may have on ideas. I design objects to be fabricated then deconstruct and re-find their role—shedding light into the shadows between processes.

My collaboration with a mill in the north of England is on-going and I see tapestries as three dimensional prints that can be manipulated to edit an image, perhaps in alliance with a more unyielding structure.

In Chorus and Dressing-room Ham, oak constructions were made in collaboration with a master framer/joiner with whom I have also had a long working relationship. In these pieces I have wanted to produce a domestic familiarity with implied drama, a drama however, that has either just finished, or is still in rehearsal.

A solo exhibition at Limbo Arts Margate will take place in May 2015.

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Photography: FXP Photography